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Still Need to do a Draft Party? Come Out to CVP Towson!

fantasy football draftSure, everyone cares about how their favorite football team does each week, but there’s a team that’s arguably just as important: your fantasy team. Putting together a fantasy team requires strategy, planning, and sometimes being a little bit underhanded. Regardless of how you choose your fantasy team, you want it to do well and it’s always more fun to choose your team surrounded by the friends that you’ll be playing with for the rest of the season. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to do your fantasy draft, this is it. Preseason is almost over and the Ravens first game is next Sunday.

Why Draft at CVP Towson?

  • Draft together – It’s easy to sit on your couch at home and draft your team while obsessively watching your favorite show on Netflix, but it’s definitely more fun to get out and enjoy a draft with your favorite people. Plus, you can make negotiations and get a better visual of who has what when everyone is drafting together. Bring your laptop or smart phone with you to keep track of who you want on your team while spending time with friends.
  • Snack and draft – Drafting is hard work that requires sustenance. Drafting without good bar food is just wrong. Do dinner first or enjoy a bunch of different appetizers to share amongst yourselves (since you won’t be sharing your favorite wide receivers). Buffalo wings, Southwest Chicken Egg Rolls, and our Nacho Mountain are all great shareable snacks that will keep your mind and body sustained while you fight your coworkers for who gets which Manning brother.
  • Draft and draft – Yes, you read that right. Drink a cold draft while you draft! Set aside an afternoon to hang out, tip back a few cold drinks this weekend, and work out all of your favorite draft picks. We’ve got plenty of your favorites on draft plus all of your favorite mixed drinks. The best bartenders in Towson will be working hard this weekend to help you enjoy both of your drafts!

How to Host Your Draft Party

It’s pretty simple, really. Either call or come in, bring your game face, your draft stuff, and relax. We’ll do the rest. Who knows? We may even offer up some advice on choosing the best draft picks! Charles Village Pub is located at 19 w. Pennsylvania Avenue, Towson, MD 21204. If you need directions or are curious about upcoming events, our website contains all the information you need or you can give us a call at 410.821.8155

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