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What Alcohol Can I Drink On My Diet?

Just because you’re watching your weight, that doesn’t mean you have to completely cut out the drinks you enjoy from your diet. It’s the opening day for the Orioles here in Baltimore and there’s no better way to celebrate than with good friends and a nice cold drink. But if you’re committed to your diet, it’s key to know which drinks can help your progress.Group of friends at bar talking to barman, smiling

You may want to head over to Charles Village Pub in Towson and immediately crack open a Natty Boh. That’s what baseball is all about, right? Food, beer, and cheering for your favorite team. Instead of starving yourself the entire day just to enjoy an alcoholic drink, choose a drink that will give you the same satisfaction and rest easy knowing it won’t do damage in the long run.

Vodka and Soda Water- Used with diet soda water, this drink will hit the spot and keep you from calorie overload. The vodka comes in at about 56 calories per shot and is a better alternative to rum. If you need a little flavor in the plain soda, squeeze a lime in for a tart burst.

Gin and Tonic – This is your lowest calorie option if used with diet tonic. A normal gin and tonic you would order at a bar is about 100 calories. Ask the bartender to muddle blackberries and put a splash of simple syrup into the drink for a nice spin on a boring taste.

Martini – Before you say this drink is impossible to make low-cal, read a bit further. If you tell your bartender to use ingredients that match your diet, a low calorie martini can be constructed. The diet version of this drink can come to about 160 calories.

Handle your liquor – Stay away from sugary drinks and darker beers. Try to stick with a light beer if you must have beer; a Michelob Ultra Light Beer has only 95 calories and tastes just as decent as a Natty Boh.

Looking for a place to grab a drink and watch the Orioles game today? Come to CVP Towson, we offer light drink options for those of you who may be watching your weight.

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