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A Brief History of Beer

history of beerIf you ask most people what their favorite alcoholic drink is, they’ll tell you that it’s beer. Craft beers have become extremely popular in the past few years with the resurgence of microbreweries and an overall great craft selection. But where did beer get its start? It’s clearly one of the most popular drinks today for everyone from college students to seasoned veterans of the alcohol world. There’s a beer for just about everyone. To talk about the beginnings of beer, we have to go waaaaay back.

The history
It appears that beer may have actually existed before bread – there’s evidence that ancient nomads started brewing it using water and grain. It’s the first alcoholic drink to ever be invented, with roots even farther back than wine. Recipes for beer started to show up among different civilizations somewhere around 4300 BCE. Think about that. It means that people have been creating recipes for beer for over 6,000 years. It’s pretty impressive. Some early cultures brewed up to 20 different kinds of beer and paid workers in beer rather than money.

Germany, Austria, and England were among the first to actually make an industry out of beer in around 1200 AD (no surprise, there). Once the industry was established, it exploded, becoming more popular throughout the Renaissance era up until what we know beer as today. The “modern brewing era” started in 1800, when people came up with ideas for refrigeration and bottling; it was originally popular among those who worked the railroads. Beer cans were introduced in 1935 to replace some bottles, though it seems that bottled beer is still the more popular of the two choices for quality. In 1992, beer consumers drank almost 6 billion gallons of beer – and yes, that is billions with a b. Beer brewing is one of the most lucrative industries in the world still today and people are becoming more innovative at every turn.

Come order a beer at CVP Towson and celebrate a world renowned classic. We’ve got a large selection on tap as well as bottled. You’re bound to find a favorite and maybe even try something new. Pair a cold beer with one of our delicious menu items and you’ll be set to go! Our menu consists of traditional pub fare ranging from crab pretzels (a Maryland favorite,) to burgers, chili, sandwiches and more with specials changing weekly. Our kitchen is open until 1:30am daily and even boasts a special late night menu.

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