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How Does a Stout Differ From Other Beers?

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Are you a beer lover? Then it’s about time you learn how stout differs from other beers. For starters, Stout has the lowest calories and alcohol of any beer. It is also the lightest in weight.

Even those that do not like dark beers can find delight in drinking stout. Just because a beer is dark in color, it does not mean the body of the beverage is heavy. Unlike traditional beliefs about dark beers, stout is not heavy and full of calories. In fact, the color of beer has nothing to do with the amount of calories but more so the amount of malt content. Craft beers include fermentable sugar, which comes from malted barley. The color and malt flavors vary more depending on the amount of roasting the craft beers experience.

You can identify whether your stout is  a full-bodied beer or light bodied beer by taking a look at the ABV ( Alcohol By Volume). Full bodied beers are more likely to have a high sugar content. There are plenty of stouts that are light bodied and low

At Charles Village Pub in Towson, the only stout we currently carry is sugar content for you to enjoy. If you are a fan of chocolate and coffee, you can certainly appreciate a pairing with Stout.

Here are some fun facts you can share with friends and family as you drink Guinness:

  • 3 out of the 5 Guinness breweries in the world are located in Africa  – Nigeria, Ghana, and  Cameroon to be exact.
  •  Guinness has fewer calories than orange juice with only 125 calories. Orange juice has 183 calories.
  • Guinness is known to have a flavor of perfection because the recipe includes roasted/ malted barley, hops,yeast and water from the Wicklow Mountains.

If you don’t find Guinness an enjoyable drink, CVP has  plenty of other beers for you to enjoy, stop in and see for yourself! You learn more about CVP Towson and grab an ice-cold brew today! We are open daily 11am – 2am.

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