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Our Maryland Blue Crab

blue crab dishes at CVPThere are a lot of traditions when it comes to living in Baltimore. Residents of Baltimore take pride in their heritage and traditions and there’s no doubt everyone will enjoy a summer tradition in the upcoming months; eating steamed crabs. The people of Baltimore love to feast on the state’s official crustacean, but how much do we really know about the Maryland Blue Crab?

The Maryland Blue Crab, scientific name as Callinectes sapidus Rathbun, was discovered in 1896 by scientist Mary Jane Rathbun. It was declared the official State Crustacean in 1989. Coincidentally, its scientific name translates to “beautiful swimmer that is savory”, which many residents can vouch that it is, indeed, savory. The average life span of a Maryland Blue Crab as of October 2000 is about 2 to 3 years. Blue crabs are believed to have a life span of about 8 years, but harvesting and the conditions of the Chesapeake Bay prevent them from living that long. Blue crab harvesting takes place at different times of the day during different months of the year. For full crabbing regulations, click here.

In Crisfield, Somerset County, there is a National Hard Crab Derby and Fair that takes place every Labor Day weekend. The fair includes a crab feast, cooking contests, and a crab picking contest. Out of town guests who enter through Baltimore-Washington International Airport can see the state’s pride by the stained-glass blue crab on display on the upper level.

When you visit Charles Village Pub & Patio, you can expect the pride of the Maryland Blue Crab to live in our menu. We incorporate this state tradition with items like:

  1. Bay Burger- One of our delicious burgers topped with imperial sauce, cheddar cheese, and a mini jumbo lump crab cake.
  2. Chicken Chesapeake- Stacked on top of a brioche roll you will find grilled chicken, crab cake, imperial sauce, lettuce, and tomato.
  3. The Waterman Club- A classic club styled sandwich with shrimp salad and a jumbo lump crab cake.

To enjoy a part of Maryland’s history, stop in today to enjoy one of our crab favorites! Conveniently located in the heart of Towson, CVP is open daily with hours from 11am to 2am; our kitchen is constantly pumping out delicious crab entrees to suit every Baltimore residents’ crab cravings.

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