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Natty Boh – A Baltimore Legend

Young man holding up glass of beer in bar, smiling, portraitFind any bar in the greater Baltimore area and you’re almost guaranteed to find Natural Bohemian on draft. Known to Baltimore natives as “Natty Boh,” this beer has become the true flavor of Baltimore sports (see Boh’s and O’s) and nights out on the town. What you may not know, though, is that Natty Boh is no longer brewed in Baltimore, but is now brewed by Pabst Blue Ribbon. If you’re new to the Baltimore bar scene, you may also not know that the beer was taken off tap back in 1996, when the native Stroh Brewery Company closed down and forced production to move to Pabst Blue Ribbon. Luckily they continued to produce the beer rather than discontinue it.

Then in 2004, Natty Boh began to make a comeback due to its good price and Baltimore’s love for all things created in Baltimore. 90% of Pabst’s sales of Natty Boh were being made to the Baltimore area, anyway, so it seemed only fitting for Baltimore to get it back in some way. After Pabst was bought out by a company in Connecticut in 2011, the company decided that they should do a revival of the old Baltimore favorite back in its hometown. It’s first day back on tap in Baltimore, Natty Boh sold over 300 kegs to 80 area bars in Carroll, Baltimore, and Anne Arundel counties, as well as Baltimore city. It’s clear that Baltimore wanted it’s beer back. Ever since then, business has been booming for Natty Boh. The monocled man can be seen on billboards in the area, tourist gear, and more. You can even order a Bohtini which features another Maryland classic – an Old Bay rimmed glass of Natty Boh. It literally does not get more Baltimore than that. Thankfully, Natty Boh is still on tap 3 years later and will hopefully stay that way for years to come. We’re glad to have you back, Mr. Boh!

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