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The Origins of Buffalo Wings

buffalo wingsDisclaimer: No buffalo OR chickens were hurt in the making of this blog.

What would summer be without a dozen Old Bay wings and some Natty Boh? Pretty boring, that’s what. Chicken wings (they don’t actually come from a buffalo, by the way, Jessica) are a staple of summer snack foods. Ever wondered why they ended up with the name “buffalo” wings or how they ended up on our appetizer menu? The buffalo wing actually has a pretty cool history that started (where else?) in Buffalo, New York.

Where Buffalo Wings Got Their Start

Did you know that chicken wings were originally considered to be a throwaway part of the chicken? They were either used in chicken stock or completely thrown out – seems like one heck of a waste to those of us who devour them today. The original buffalo wing was present to us by the owner of The Anchor bar in New York. Teressa Bellissimo created the first wing in 1939, though the story behind its creation is up for speculation (like most food histories).

The first story is a simple one. The company that was supposed to deliver chicken necks accidentally delivered wings instead. This era was a “waste not, want not” type of society. Rather than let the wings go to waste, Bellissimo made an appetizer out of the wings and threw some sauce on them. BOOM. Buffalo wings.

The second story is a little more fun (and the one we’d like to believe), though it dates a little later to 1964. Some of the regulars in the Anchor Bar were Catholic and didn’t eat meat on Fridays – Teressa’s son Frank asked if she could do a free meat to pass around the bar at midnight. Wings were cheap and not considered an important part of the chicken so she thought, why not chicken wings?

The best part is that the original wing is still the most popular wing today – the hot wings. Bellissimo originally separated the whole wing into the “drum” and “flat,” fried it up, and threw it in some hot sauce. We’ve come a long way from an accidental food to restaurants that dedicate entire menus to the buffalo wing. We personally like them as appetizers!

Classic Wings and More from CVP Towson

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